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We can call your computer, and control your mouse to fix your computer!
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Servicing commercial & residential customers in United States of America & Canada for over 10 years.

Simply give us a call, and enquire about our services!
Save yourself time, hassle, headaches, and money by simply getting us to remotely repair your pc!
Nobody likes to have to take their computer to a shop and leave it there for several days.

Just a few of the many computer problems we can fix:

- Computer Errors / Blue Screens / System Crashing / Rebooting - Computer May be Compromised or Tainted / Fix
- Hardware Confliction Issues / Driver/ Errors/ etc. - Removal of Rootkits and Nasty Viruses
- Computer High Performance Tune Up - New Hardware Assistance during Setup
- Viruses / Trojans / Malware / Spyware Help - Software Diagnostics / Conflicts / Issues
- Updating Your Computer / Routine Maintenance - Hardware Diagnostics / Performance Checks
- Checking your PC for Compatibility Issues - Security Updates Issues
- Benchmarking your PC / Check for Optimal Performance - 24hr Technical Support For Your PC
- Help Backing Up Your Files - Restoring Your PC to the Factory Defaults
- Computer Overly Slow All The Time - Computer Overly Slow Shutting Down
- Help Setting Up a New Antivirus Program for Protection - Many Different Computer Related Issues

Looking for support for your home or office personal computer or laptop?
Are you sick of downtime when you must take your pc or laptop to a repair shop because of a glitch?
Wouldn't it be nice to have your computer fixed now, without even having to leave the house or office with it to go to a shop?
Do you require as little downtime as possible, requiring your computer fixed as soon as possible?
Do you have concerns about viruses, trojas, spyware, or malware, and want professional advice?
Do you do online banking, or have other important secure websites you must access? Your PC should be secure.

Our technicians are highly trained with computer repairs, both hardware and software. We can use desktop sharing to connect to your computer, control your mouse and our technicians can then diagnose the problem. If your pc or laptop is unable to start up, that is fine, there is still a good chance we can fix it as well. Your computer doesn't necessarily have to be up and running for us to be able to get it to run so we can have a look at the problems remotely. Our online service provides a hassle free way to fix your computer in the ease of your own home without even having a technician stop by! We can do it all remotely while you feel comforted your pc is in great hands by the technicians at Canadian Web Solutions. We can give you an estimate over the phone to to give you an idea of how much your computer repair will cost.
All the more reason not to hesitate to give us a call, we look forward to talking with you, providing an estimate, and repairing your computer!

We have a 99.999% Happy Customer Retainment Rate.
Every year most customers call us back for a yearly check up!


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